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Hawaii Pacific University, Kaneohe

Oahu, Hawaii, United States


If heaven were situated at a place of higher learning, this is where it would be! The windward campus of HPU is unbeatable in beauty. Walk up the large staircase and take in the views of the Koolau mountains. Take a little stroll past greenest grass and tropical flowers to the dorms and back. There are great views from the second floor of the main building too. Look around- maybe you'll decide to return to student life!
In 2020, this land will become the home of Castle Medical Center instead of HPU.
To see this land from above, take a drive up Pali Highway to the Pali Lookout, for marvelous views of the ocean and island. Also great is a drive along the H3 Freeway, which offers breathtaking views for the passenger and a ride through an impressive military tunnel. Or drive along Lilipuna Rd to see the blue, green, and cream colors of the sandbars in Kaneohe Bay- magic! A trip to the Byodo-In Temple is also complete paradise- this side of the island is just exquisite! For a swim in the ocean, head over to Lanikai Beach.
The other campuses of Hawaii Pacific University are Aloha Tower Marketplace, where there are some dorms and classrooms, and Fort Street Mall, a grungy pedestrian area in downtown Honolulu where there are some classrooms in a highrise.

Photo Gallery

HPU, as seen from above, from Pali Lookout.

View from campus- wow!

View of mountains from campus.

Sports fields, under the exquisite mountains. Green, green, everywhere!

More views from campus- heavenly.


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Hawaii Pacific University Windward Campus is located at 45-045 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe HI 96744, call (808) 236-3515. From Pali Hwy, heading towards Kaneohe, turn left on Kamehameha Hwy, and HPU is immediately on your right.
From Kailua, follow Kalanianole Hwy towards Kaneohe. Turn right onto Kamehameha Hwy and HPU is immediately on your right.
Drive in and tell the pay booth attendant that you are visiting the campus.
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