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Pescadero State Beach

San Francisco, California, USA


Families come here to picnic on the sand. Kids enjoy climbing up the large sandstone rock formation to enjoy a view of the next cove over. During times of high surf, the waves are impressive, crashing against the rocks below. This beach is pretty nice, but not as great to play at as San Gregorio State Beach. Also, if it's rainy and you want to eat your picnic from your car, try the parking lot south of this one, Pescadero Jetty, for a great view.

Photo Gallery

Wavy rock, with pretty forest in the background.

The rugged beauty of Pescadero State Beach.

A mom and son behold the view.

The color of the rock is a striking at Pescadero State Beach.

Huge pieces of driftwood.


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The red tab below is exactly where the parking lot is situated for this beach. Turn off Hwy 1 at the sign that says, "Pescadero State Beach." You can't see the water from the parking lot, but you can walk down the small path to the beach. There are restrooms. The beach is self-pay (honor system). $10 covers parking for all state beaches for one day.
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