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Los Olivos town

Santa Barbara, California, United States


Tucked into Santa Barbara wine country, Los Olivos is a chic town filled with San Franciscans away for the weekend. Groovy thirty-somethings stroll from wine-tasting room to outdoor cafe. It's very pleasant to sit and enjoy the bountiful sunshine, sipping the latest fashionable bottled juice.
For formal dining, try Los Olivos Cafe, a classy restaurant with great food in tiny portions. A casual cafe, Panino has delicious sandwiches and a relaxed atmosphere. Be original and stroll the side streets to try some of the coffee shops and cafes that most visitors never notice. Corner House Coffee, on San Marcos Ave, has great atmosphere with outdoor tables under a huge tree and indoor tables made of slabs from tree trunks. Their California Lemon Zest ice cream is delicious!
Anyone with an ear for live music is invited to come and picnic on the lawn at The Crooked Path on weekend afternoons. This is a private yard at 2885 Grand Avenue where musicians come to play. Entrance is free and donations are welcome. An archway covered in vines beckons you to come in and relax a while, 2-5pm on summer weekends. Check their facebook site for upcoming music.
Los Olivos dates back to 1861. Before 1911, stagecoach service ran through here and before 1934, a narrow gauge railroad to Santa Maria. Travelers stopped overnight in Los Olivos at Mattei's Tavern. You can still dine there today.
You can find a sweet story about old Los Olivos written by William Etling if you click here.
In summer, swim through a field of lavendar at Clairmont Lavendar Farm, and see newborn miniature horses at Quicksilver Ranch. In spring, drive along Figueroa Mountain Rd past vibrant yellow fields of flowers into the hills.
Nearby, stroll through Solvang, a touristy Danish town with overflowing flower baskets. For an amazing medieval playground in Solvang, check out Sunnyfields Park. Heading toward the ocean from Solvang, stop at Nojoqui Falls, a ten-minute walk through amazing forest to a thin, high waterfall.

Photo Gallery

Side street at Los Olivos.

Panino Sandwiches on Grand Avenue.

Wine tasting rooms abound.

Shops and wine-tasting rooms in Los Olivos.

Grand Avenue.


A wonderful tree in a plaza on Grand Avenue.

The Crooked Path, a place to relax and listen to live music for free on summer weekend afternoons.

The Crooked Path, an enchanting spot where anyone can come and listen to live music in a private front yard in Los Olivos.

Park with picnic tables on Grand Avenue.

Chairs and tables under the huge tree outside Corner House Coffee.

A table made of a slab of tree trunk inside Corner House Coffee- beautiful!

Looking along Alamo Pintado Ave from Grand Avenue.

Cute building on Grand Avenue.

Panino, a sunny spot to sit and eat lunch.

Corner House Coffee is a groovy place.

St Mark's-In-The-Valley Episcopal Church, one block west of Grand Ave, is beautiful at night. Photo by Nichole Dechaine.


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From San Francisco, take Highway 101 south for several hours. Follow signs to Los Olivos which will lead you to Highway 154 going east. Once you reach Los Olivos, turn right onto Grand Ave and you will be at the main strip. Park along the road on Grand Avenue or one of the side streets.
To get to Los Olivos from Santa Barbara take Highway 101 north. Exit at State St/Highway 154 and follow signs to Highway 154. You will head over the mountains, a beautiful drive. After 29 miles, turn left on Grand Ave. This is the main strip. Park along the road. 
Corner House Coffee, 2902 San Marcos Ave, Los Olivos CA 93441, call (805) 688-1722.
Panino, 2900 Grand Avenue, call (805) 688-9304.
Los Olivos Cafe, 2879 Grand Avenue, call (805) 688-7265.
The Crooked Path, 2885 Grand Ave, call (805) 693-5678.
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