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Dinosaur Caves Playground

San Luis Obispo, California, USA


Dinosaur Caves Park has a bit of everything. There is a massive expanse of lawn that just beckons you to run to your heart's content. Hills stretch high to the sky and fuel your imagination further. A playground with tire swing, baby swings, boat, dolphins, seals, and whale to climb on, and colorful dinosaur eggs to hide inside just adds to the fun! Walk to the edge of the cliff and look down on sea stacks, a sea arch, and picturesque cliffs. Sit on a bench by the purple flowers at sunset and enjoy the expansive feel of this park. Because it is shielded by the hills, this playground is warmer than other areas along the coast. On Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm there is a craft market, and one Saturday a month (1-4pm) in summer this is followed by live music called Pacific Breeze Concerts at the small amphitheater.
Walk up the hill behind the amphitheater along the pretty path. Here you can stop and take in gorgeous views. You can walk all the way to The Inn at the Cove, with its cute gazebo and little secret lookouts.
While here, check out the breathtaking views at Margo Dodd Park, just down the road. And the romantic lookout at Placentia Avenue.
Dinosaur Caves Park is named after Dinosaur Caves, the amazing white caves at Pismo Beach.

Photo Gallery

Cute hills behind the park.

Speckled Dinosaur eggs and baby swings.

Ride dolphins, whale, seals, and a boat at Dinosaur Caves Park!

The amazing sea view at Dinosaur Caves Park.

The sea arch on a beautiful day!

A serene view.

Park bench and purple flowers by the sea- come at sunset when the sun isn't so burny.

A happy Saturday morning at Dinosaur Caves Park- whale and seal sculptures plus craft fair in the background.

The hills are kind of dry these days (2016) because of the drought.

View of Dinosaur Caves Park as you walk east along the trail from the park.

View of gazebo at The Inn at the Cove, from the trail that leads east from the park.

Pretty view from the trail that leads east from the park.

Gazebo at The Inn at the Cove, which you can walk to from the park.

Cute trail in front of The Inn at the Cove.

Views from The Inn at the Cove, which you can walk to from the park.

Birds checking out the water below.

Beautiful views from the trail east of the park.

The trail behind the amphitheater leads to a nice path in front of The Inn at the Cove.

Views over the water.

Flowers along the path.

Landscaping at The Inn at the Cove.

Pacific Breezes Concerts, which occur one Saturday each month during summer, 1-4pm.

People dance in front of the amphitheater at the Saturday afternoon summer concerts.


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Dinosaur Caves Park is located at 2701 Price St, Pismo Beach CA 93449.
Exit Highway 101 at Spyglass Drive. Turn toward the ocean, and then immediately left on Shell Beach Rd. Follow Shell Beach Rd past a whole row of streets on the right until you come to the last one, Cliff Avenue. Turn right and park on Cliff Avenue. The park is right there on the corner of Cliff Ave and Shell beach Rd!
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