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Ojai Valley Lookout

Ventura, California, USA


As you drive the pretty drive to the east from Ojai along Highway 150, there is a nice pullout from the road with a big brick sign that says "The Ojai Valley"! Here you can stand and behold the whole of Ojai Valley laid out before you. It's a pretty sight, with the orange groves and the mountains. What is really neat about Ojai is that there are mountains on all four sides of you. My favorite are the forested mountains to the south. There are also very high ski-resort style mountains, as well as speckled drier looking mountains, and different sized ranges interspersed. It's wonderful to enjoy!
Boccali's Pizza and Pasta looks like a nice, sunny spot to eat, right at the base of the short winding drive up to Ojai Valley Lookout, amongst the orange groves, on the corner of Highway 150 and Reeves Rd.
While you're over this way, take a peaceful drive through the orange groves. Afterward, grab a coffee or an icecream in Ojai Town. If your kids need to burn off some of their climbing energy, take them to Soule Park, where there are fantastic unusual play structures.
The prettiest spot in the whole of Ojai is Ojai Valley Inn and Spa which you must take a stroll around while you are in the area!

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Orange groves and mountains!

Boccali's Pizza and Pasta on the corner of Highway 150 and Reeves Rd.


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From Ojai town, take Highway 150 (Ojai Avenue) to the east. Follow it past Reeves Rd, where it becomes winding and heads uphill. Soon you'll come to the pullout on your right.
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