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Kapiolani Park

Oahu, Hawaii, United States


I love the feel of Kapiolani Park! Here groups of people gather to play soccer or to fly kites. Diamond Head stands regally above, while the mountains that gather misty clouds stand far in the distance. Twisted shower trees provide shade and little benches are scattered about. Joggers are everywhere. An old banyan tree is a fun place to play. There are also walkways and statues, part of a facelift Kapiolani Park received a few years ago. Kapiolani Park used to be a homeless hangout but not lately. Waikiki Shell, a fantastic concert venue with a huge grassy lawn is nearby, and sometimes you can hear the music from Kapiolani Park.
Across Kalakaua Ave from Kapiolani Park is the gorgeous Hau Tree Beach where you can have a wonderful swim! Also nice is a walk from Kapiolani Park to the Diamond Head Road Overlooks.
Photo above by William Crowe.

Photo Gallery

There is a ton of open space at Kapiolani Park!

Shower tree and park bench.

Shower trees glistening in the sun at Kapiolani Park.

The volcanic crater, Diamond Head, stands tall above Kapiolani Park.

Kapiolani Park stretches out far before your eyes.

The nicely-shaped curve of Waikiki Shell, an outdoor performance venue, can be seen from Kapiolani Park.

Kapiolani Park sits below the perfect curve of Diamond Head. Shot taken from Park Shore Waikiki Hotel.

Banyan tree at Kapiolani Park. Photo by William Crowe.

Fountain across from Kapiolani Park.

Yellow shower tree.

Knobby tree.

The fountain in the roundabout at Kapiolani Park.

Palm trees swaying in the breeze.

The curves of the palm trees are so whimsical in Hawaii- neighborhood near Kapiolani Park.

Picnic tables under twisty trees, on the far southeast end of the park, near Hibiscus Dr.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Click "satellite" to see from above how gorgeous this area is! Kapiolani Park is on Kalakaua Avenue, just south of the main strip of Waikiki. Park along the road on Kalakaua Ave for 25 cents per half hour (bring quarters for the meters)- come early as parking fills up.
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