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Shark's Cove, North Shore

Oahu, Hawaii, United States


Shark's Cove is an area of tide pools and big lava boulders strewn across a small beach. It is not that good for swimming because it is very shallow close to shore but people come here to snorkel. Summertime is the best time to snorkel here as the currents can be too dangerous during the winter. The name "Shark's Cove" is a bit of a turn-off for me if I'm feeling nervous in the water! But actually it is named after the shape of the lava rock outcropping. It is super nice to walk down the path to Shark's Cove and spend some time peering into the rock pools. You can see tropical fish of all varieties right in front of you as if you were snorkeling, minus the scary riptides and currents you might encounter if you were actually in the water! Some sealife you will see are Moorish Idol fish, shingle urchins, cauliflower coral, and Parrotfish! Marine life love this area because there are limestone caves and tunnels that provide shelter for them.
There are restrooms and showers at Shark's Cove.
Just south of Shark's Cove is Three Tables Beach. It is a nicer swim and has a large shady beach where kids can play in the sand.
There's a Foodland supermarket just a little further south along Kamehameha Hwy, where you can get some deli foods for a picnic or buy souvenirs and Locals slippers (flip flops). The market has no restrooms.
At the end of Pupukea Road (Foodland market is at the foot of the road) is a cool hike on an abandoned military road.
The North Shore Bike Path, or Ke Ala Pupukea Bike Path, starts at Shark's Cove. You can take it by bike, running, or walking 2.4 miles past Pipeline Beach to Sunset Beach. It often has a jungle canopy of shade, and sometimes, ocean views.

Photo Gallery

The view as you walk down the path to Shark's Cove.

Shark's Cove has the clearest water!

Perfectly clearly you can see little fish dart around right before your eyes in the tidepools.

Sit in the shade of a boulder and take in the perfect day.

Shark's Cove- a tranquil, pretty spot. Though the water is less tranquil than it seems! Watch out for currents.

The lawn above Shark's Cove, a nice place to relax.

People exploring the rock pools.

A couple sit on the sand, taking in the happy scene.

Photo time!

Gorgeous row of palms.

Little boulders on the beach. Kids can have fun jumping off these.

Interesting trees.

Late afternoon sunshine.


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Shark's Cove is part of Pupukea Beach Park. It is on Kamehameha Hwy north of Waimea Bay. Directly across the street from it you will see a car repair store that says "Service is our business." Then you know it's time to turn into Ke Iki Rd, which runs parallel to Kamehameha Hwy alongside the ocean. You can park in one of the stalls along the road and walk down the path to the beach.
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