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Sunset Beach Neighborhood Park

Oahu, Hawaii, United States


Sunset Beach Neighborhood Park is across the street from Pipeline (Ehukai Beach) and you can just feel the excitement of the surf contests as you hang out at the playground. Beside the playground are the green-gray buildings of Sunset Beach Elementary School which blend so nicely with the blue-green forested mountains behind. The playground belongs to the elementary school so you can only use it on weekends).
Other good spots for kids on the North Shore are: Turtle Bay Hilton Beach, which is one of the only beaches that is fairly safe to swim at during the winter months, Haleiwa Playground, and Haleiwa Alii Beach which also has smaller winter waves than the other North Shore beaches.

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Gorgeous Sunset Beach Elementary- you don't see a school more beautiful than this!


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Sunset Beach Neighborhood Park is at Sunset Beach Elementary School, a beautiful school of gray-green buildings which is on your right as you head north up Kamehameha Hwy past the surfing beaches of the North Shore. You can't miss it! It is across the street from Ehukai Beach (Pipeline). There is plenty of parking in the school lot.
The school playground is open to the public on weekends.
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