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Cold Spring Tavern

Santa Barbara, California, United States


Cold Spring Tavern is somewhat of a legend around Santa Barbara. Something about it gives it a mysterious air. It's far away enough that you often hear about it a few times before you go there. The name is enchanting. And it's tucked into the dark, shaded side of the mountain, making it feel slightly spooky. The cold and damp in this area are what people come for: an excuse to warm up by the fire in what feels like a cozy cabin. Bikers come for tri-tip and live music (great bands) in the bar on Sunday afternoons. My favorite time is on warm Wednesday nights in July when they have Hawaiian Night in the bar section. You can get a tropical cocktail and sit outside listening to Hawaiian melodies float by in the air. I've never had good food at Cold Spring Tavern, but it's more the atmosphere that you come for.
Drive over and go for a walk at Lizard's Mouth when you're done, an area strewn with huge boulders and a gorgeous view over Goleta.

Photo Gallery

The bar section of Cold Spring Tavern.

Hawaiian Night at Cold Spring Tavern!

Bikers warm up by the fire on a Sunday afternoon.

You can feel like you're deep in the woods, 20 minutes from Santa Barbara!

Cold Spring Tavern: the cold, damp surroundings make you run inside for warmth.

Inside the restaurant.

A great Blues band at Cold Spring Tavern on a Sunday afternoon.


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Cold Spring Tavern is located at 5995 Stagecoach Rd, Santa Barbara CA 93105. Exit Highway 101 at Highway 154 and follow the signs to head north on Highway 154 up the mountain. Drive for 8.8 miles up the steep winding road and then turn left on Stagecoach Rd (there's a sign). Park along the road when you see the tavern up ahead. It takes about 25 minutes to get there from Santa Barbara.
Call (805) 967-0066.
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