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Hilda Ray Park

Santa Barbara, California, United States


Hilda Ray Park is a delightful spot on a hill overlooking Santa Barbara. It used to be the home of Hilda McIntyre Ray but was dedicated to the city in her memory. Now you can enjoy the lovely view. There is a small, generic play structure with a red slide and a red kid's table underneath the structure, plus black spongy turf beneath. Gorgeous gnarled trees surround the property, and there's a long picnic table under one of them. Other picnic tables have fantastic views of the city. A lawn also has great views. The park is on a slope and has a special feel.
This is a small park and it's usually empty- if you're looking for other kids for your child to play with it's better to go somewhere like La Mesa Park. Doing both parks in one morning gives you the best of both worlds.
There are restrooms.

Photo Gallery

Picnic table under amazing gnarled tree- great shady place for a meal!

The lawn with views.

Aaah, the view...this will cheer up your day!

The red and yellow playground for toddlers.

Slide with caterpillars on it.

The spinner.

The walkway zigzags downhill.

View of downtown and its churches.


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Hilda Ray Park is located at 1420 Kenwood Road, Santa Barbara CA 93109.
Beware: It is quite tricky to find.
Exit Highway 101 southbound at Carrillo St and turn right. Exit Highway 101 northbound at Carrillo St and turn left. Follow Carrillo St up the steep hill and almost at the top turn right on Kenwood Rd (the sixth right).  Watch the signs so that you stay on Kenwood Rd. It will veer to the left, then 90 degrees to the left, then will be a 90 degree turn to the right. Near the end of Kenwood Rd you will see the sign and entrance to the park on your right. There is a parking lot with a chainlink fence around it.
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