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Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose

San Francisco, California, USA


The Egyptian Museum is in a quiet 1960s neighborhood in San Jose. The grounds, which anyone can walk around, are gorgeous, with statues, sphinxs, blue and white columns, greenery, and a fountain. The museum itself, though, is not interactive enough to hold the interest of young kids. Adults who come alone will find the replicas of statues and the real mummies interesting. Kids enjoy walking through the tomb but this only lasts for a few minutes. The museum is run by a masonic-like church.
I'd recommend heading to the Children's Discovery Museum in downtown San Jose instead. Also in San Jose, I'd recommend the Tech Innovation Museum for kids.

Photo Gallery

The research library and fountain.

The sunny fountain.

Statue in the garden.

Gorgeous sculpture in the garden.

I love the way this sculpture is positioned in the garden.

The entrance to the museum is impressive.

A replica of Tutankhamun's tomb- very nice!

Egyptian wall paintings inside the tomb replica.

A real mummy of an upper-class Egyptian man.

Model of the Temple of Rameses the Great.

Coffin of a priest and scribe. The phallic fertility images have been erased during the Victorian era.


Replica of a statue of Tutankhamun.

Replica of an Egyptian birthing room: the semi-outdoor room was sheltered with mats and aristolochia vines, the tincture of which induces labor.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is located at 1660 Park Avenue, on the corner of Naglee Avenue and Park Avenue just west of downtown San Jose. Call (408) 947-3635. Hours are Wed-Fri 9-5 and weekends 10-6. 
Admission for adults is $9, seniors and students $7, and kids aged 5-9 $5. Kids under 5 years old enter free. Entrance to the garden is free.
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, plus New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve.
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