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San Marino Neighborhood Walk

Los Angeles, California, USA


San Marino's neighborhoods are lush with beauty. There are so many trees that from above it almost looks like the top layer of a rainforest! Take a leisurely stroll along the winding, hilly streets of San Marino and you will see old-fashioned lamp posts, magnificent old trees, and gracious mansions. The lawns are the greenest green, under the shade of a canopy of trees. And each house has unique pretty features. Neighboring East Pasadena is also wonderful. Stroll as long as you want- you will get a great workout because the streets can be steep! It amazes me how lush it is here, for LA. Maybe the moisture gets caught by the towering San Gabriel mountains. The area reminds me of another favorite town of mine, Manoa.
If you have some money to burn, stop and have a drink at the luxurious Langham Pasadena. Walk among their Japanese gardens and through the cute Picture Bridge. Park along S. Oak Knoll Ave just south of the hotel to save a steep parking cost.
For a park nearby, skip Lacy Park which has an entrance fee for non-residents and head over to Garfield Park. With lamp posts, bridge, deep green lawns, shady trees, and a playground full of kids you can't go wrong!
For a nice shopping area with cafes and a Starbucks that catches the morning sun, head over to the main strip of Old Town Pasadena, at Colorado Blvd and Fair Oaks Ave, an eleven minute drive away.

Photo Gallery

Amazing canopy of trees- a common sight in San Marina and Pasadena.

Snow-topped San Gabriel mountains and the tree tops of Pasadena.

Light plays on the sidewalks as you walk through San Marino.

House with flowerboxes below the windows.

Tree tops of San Marino and Pasadena, as seen from the Langham Hotel.

Japanese Garden at the Langham Hotel.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

You could walk anywhere in San Marino and East Pasadena and it will be lovely, but the red tab is on the area near the Langham Hotel.
Langham Pasadena, 1401 South Oak Knoll Avenue, Pasadena, call (626) 585-6218.

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