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Redondo Beach

Los Angeles, California, USA


Redondo Beach is really an extension of Hermosa Beach and the beaches north of it. These beaches form a long wide abundant stretch of sand. It's quite a walk from the beginning of the sand to the water's edge. This can sometimes make the beach look washed out and undefined but there's still a ton of fun to be had in the sun here. Volleyball players leap and serve right by the boardwalk where rollerblades wizz by and mothers walk babies in strollers. People look hip here, in colorful chic attire. The beach houses whose frontdoors sit right on the boardwalk are the envy of all fun-lovers.
No one seems too worried about the massive Edison power plant that looms over the area, close to the residences.
Redondo Pier has an unusual pier that curves around and features sails that reach up to the sky- it's a more subdued atmosphere with its sterile buildings than Hermosa Pier's cozy storefronts.
A short walk north along the boardwalk will take you to Hermosa Beach and its lovely plaza where you can walk along the pier, or dine on a rooftop balcony with a 270-degree view of the beach.

Photo Gallery

The boardwalk which you can follow to Hermosa Beach.

A wide array of architectural styles, along the boardwalk at Redondo Beach.

Fishing at Redondo Beach.


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Park along Hermosa Ave in the metered parking spots and then walk to the beach.
An address you can use to find this area is 156 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach CA 90254.
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