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Malibu Lumber Yard Mall

Los Angeles, California, USA


Malibu Lumber Yard Mall is a fantastic outdoor mall made entirely of attractive hardwood, a tribute to the old lumber yard that used to be located here. A deck drenched in sunlight beckons you to stay a while on the cushy chairs. Two storeys face into a wood stage where bands play live music on the weekend. There's a great feeling here! Palm trees swish in the breeze while the mountains tower above you majestically. Fish swim about in the cylindrical kelp tanks. Make sure you go upstairs and enjoy the amazing views.
There is a lively Mexican restaurant called Cafe Habana.
Across Cross Creek Rd are some more stores, including a gelato place called Grom and a nice restaurant called Marmalade Cafe.
To the north, walk over to Malibu Country Mart, a bustling area with playground, swings, and sandpit, a toy store, sculptures, picnic tables, and more designer stores and cafes.
Across the street, there's a Starbucks with great views of the mountains, and a movie theater.
Walk the bridge over Malibu Lagoon to see Adamson House, situated perfectly by the sea between Malibu Pier and Malibu Lagoon. Stay a while on the lawn and soak up the sun.
Nice beaches nearby are Carbon Beach, a quiet beach in front of mansions, and Malibu Surfrider Beach, a bigger and more crowded spot.
Another mellow place to hang out is Malibu Colony Plaza, with restaurants and a Starbucks with outdoor seating by a Spanish fountain. While in Malibu, spend some time at Getty Villa (get your free tickets ahead of time on the internet) where you'll find Greek and Roman antiquities in a mediterranean paradise high above the ocean. For a more peaceful playground for your kids, check out Las Flores Creek Park, a brand new park with beautiful play equipment.

Photo Gallery

Upstairs in Malibu Lumber Yard Mall. I love this spot! Palms, mountains, a breeze...

Kelp fish tanks downstairs on the hardwood deck.

Cafe Habana looks like a relaxing spot. Check out their Kids Korner arts and crafts on weekends (call first).

Stage where there's live music on weekends. There's a great feeling here!

The mountains behind Malibu Lumber Yard Mall.

Looking down from the upstairs railing.

The tropical fish in the kelp tank.

The wonderful mountain views you enjoy when you eat at Burger Fi. Delicious burgers and healthy options too!


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From Highway 1, turn north on Cross Creek Rd. Malibu Lumber Yard Mall is immediately on your left. There is parking beside it.
Cafe Habana, 3939 Cross Creek Rd, call (310) 317-0300.
Grom Gelato, 3888 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, CA 90265. Opens at noon.
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