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Turtle Beach, or Laniakea Beach

Oahu, Hawaii, United States


Turtle Beach, or Laniakea Beach, is a pretty beach where recently turtles have come to rest and to feed off the seaweed-covered rocks. It used to be sad to watch the turtles being disturbed but now there are wonderful volunteers who stand at the beach, answer questions, and keep the turtles safe. Thank goodness for these great volunteers! Now you can enjoy the turtles knowing that they are safe.
Before you visit Hawaii, get this adorable book for your kids so that turtles are on their minds! 
There are two or more turtles here on the beach most days. The most there have been is nine! It is wonderful for kids to see turtles up so close. Kids will enjoy playing in the calm, warm water. It's a great beach for a shallow-water swim, and the beach is covered in shade- wonderful! Driving by the horses across the street just south of here is also fun for kids.
If you're hungry, head over to the cute surfer-dude town of Haleiwa. For a playground for your kids, check out Sunset Elementary or Haleiwa Beach Park. Don't miss out on a sunset cocktail over the water at beautiful Turtle Bay Hilton. And for a summertime swim in perfect waters, head to Waimea Bay.


Photo Gallery

The seaweed on the rocks that the turtles come to eat.

Early morning at Turtle Beach- the turtles haven't arrived yet.

A turtle lazes in the sand, while girls play by the shore.

There were four turtles on the beach one day I was there! These are the younger two- about thirty years old. Most turtles live to be 70.

Stunning Laniakea Beach- with an abundance of shade, and a row of palms perched on lava rock. This is the stuff of postcards!

A young surfer arrives to check out the waves. Laniakea Beach was just a surfing beach before the turtles made it their home.

Three girls play by the shore at Turtle Beach.

A surfer girl at Laniakea Beach.

The horse paddock just south of Turtle Beach.

A bucolic scene across the street from Turtle Beach.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Head north of Haleiwa on Kamehameha Hwy. You will pass a field with horses on the right. Then there are many cars pulled over to the side of the road. Turtle Beach is on Kamehameha Hwy at Pohaku Loa Way.
You can use the address of a nearby house to punch into your GPS: 61-581 Pohaku Loa Way, Haleiwa HI 96712.
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