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Brandon's Village Playground, Calabasas

Los Angeles, California, USA


Brandon's Village is a universally accessible playground, designed for children with or without disabilites. It's a colorful paradise for kids with a wild west theme. There are so many activities to choose from that the fun is endless. 70% of the playground is accessible for kids with special needs. The relatives of a boy named Brandon Kaplan, along with a group of PTA parents, the city of Calabasas and other community members made it possible.
A really fun part of the playground is the sand area. Here, under the shade of a yellow canopy, kids can scoop up sand onto work stations and let the sand fall through holes and funnels. A water mister nearby helps kids keep cool in this hot canyon. There's a sway fun see-saw, a harmony swing, bouncies for four, swings, cacti to climb, imaginary horse stable, treasure map, general store for pretend play, bike bouncy, tunnels, chimes for music play, slide with rolling cylinders, and bumpy slides. Shade under trees and canopies keeps you from getting sunburned.
Brandon's Village is located in a suburban neighborhood in Gates Canyon Park. There are tennis courts and a basketball court behind it and large lawns all around.
After playing, head over to Calabasas Commons, where there's a ton of counter-serve cafes and sit-down restaurants to choose from, a huge classy Barnes and Noble bookstore, sculptures, fountains, and ponds and streams with turtles and fish.

Photo Gallery

Red rolling cylinder slide and plenty of spongy turf.

Sway fun see-saw.

The playground is pretty with its bright yellow canopies and hills behind.

Red roller slide, swings, and bouncy for four.

Cactus to climb.

Horse stable.

Treasure map.

General store.

Ladder and alphabet learning station.

Two dads gather in the shade with their babies.

Bike bouncy, tunnel, chimes, sand station.

Sand station and scooper.

Beautiful wooden bridge and wild west horses.

Bumpy slide.

Sand sift.


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Brandon's Village Playground is located in Gates Canyon Park. Exit Highway 101 at Las Virgenes Rd and go north. Turh right on Thousand Oaks Blvd. You will pass three cross streets and then the parking lot will be on the left. You can also make a u-turn and park along the road.
The address is 25801 Thousand Oaks Blvd, Calabasas, CA 91302.
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