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Aikahi Playground, Kailua

Oahu, Hawaii, United States


Aikahi Playground is an imaginative, wooden playground- a truly rare thing on Oahu. This is probably the only playground of its kind on the entire island, except for the playground at Honolulu Zoo which is wooden with ropes and things. Every other playground on the island is ordered from the same manufacturer! You arrive at a new playground and it's a disappointing deja vu!
On the grounds of Aikahi Elementary, this playground has an ocean animal theme. There's a sea monster wall, a huge turtle, giant sting ray to climb inside, fish, sharks, sea stars, and crabs. Kids can sit in a boat and steer. They can climb to the top of a pyramid fort. Ropes provide plenty of balancing fun. Colorful tiles decorate the surfaces. Fake grass cushions any falls. Huge, twisty trees provide shade. There are slides, monkey bars, a rock climbing wall, a curvy tube slide, ramps, bridges, stepping stones.
The location is a little cramped beside a parking lot, messy-looking neighborhood, and classrooms, but there is a large lawn on one side where kids can run freely.
A huge congratulations to whoever organized the creation of this beautiful playground!
After playing, go for a walk or swim at Kailua Beach. Or check out the cool beach town of Kailua.

Photo Gallery

Painted tiles.

Tops of the play structure are like treetops.

Funny-looking lizard guy.

Balance and walk across!

Ramp to the boat.

Boat to steer.

Turtle, with the old playground behind.

Bench and nice big trees. The new playground is on the left and the old one on the right.

Monkey bars.

Bridges, slide, more monkey bars. See Aikahi's hills behind.

Rock-climbing wall.

A boy climbs the sea monster.

Winding path, wavy slide, and curvy tube slide.

Sea monster wall and stepping stones.

Pyramid fort.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Aikahi Playground is located at Aikahi Elementary School, at 281 Ilihau Street, Kailua HI 96734. You have to come during non-school hours.
From Kaneohe Bay Dr, turn east (toward the water, away from the hills) on Ilihau St. The parking lot is immediately on the left.
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