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The Landing, Westlake Village

Los Angeles, California, USA


The Landing has a good atmosphere on a sunny weekend afternoon. Here you can walk beside the blue lake that Westlake Village is named for. It's all a bit pretentious, with have-mores (as George W. Bush liked to say) taking their private electric boats out for a spin. I thought the boats were kind of cute and quaint-looking but my husband thought he was at Disneyland! The views of the mountains toward Malibu are stunning. And it's sweet to see a swan glide by. The walk is short- it's perfect for a stroll with a toddler or preschooler since kids don't like to walk far anyway. If you come without kids, you can eat at one of the fine dining establishments (see names below). It looks nice to sit there under the sun umbrellas on the grassy hill above the lake.
Just over the freeway, on Westlake Blvd, check out pretty, outdoor Promenade Mall. There's also a nice playground near it with animal pictures called Russell Park.

Photo Gallery

The pleasant walkway.

Mansion and electric boat.

Sunny restaurant on a hill.

Happy swan at Westlake Village.

I love the mountain views!

Sailboats in a row.

The amazing Santa Monica mountains, as seen from Westlake Village.

An extended family looking out at the lake.


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From Highway 101, exit at Lindero Canyon Rd and head south. After you pass Lakeview Canyon Rd, turn right into the parking lot for The Landing and park by the boat docks.

Boccaccio's Restaurant, 32123 Lindero Canyon Rd # 104, Westlake Village, call (818) 889-8300.
Zin Bistro Americana, 32131 Lindero Canyon Rd # 111, call (818) 865-0095.
The Landing Grill and Sushi Bar, 32123 Lindero Canyon Road # 109, call (818) 706-8887.
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