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Adamson House, Malibu

Los Angeles, California, USA


Adamson House sits on an absolutely prime piece of real estate. There is really no other spot quite like it in Malibu. The house stands on a grassy slope framed on one side by Malibu Pier and on the other side by Malibu Lagoon. It is an incredible treat to be allowed on the grounds. Even if you don't enter the museum (the hours are limited) you can come for free and walk the gardens. When I was there a group of French twenty-somethings were relaxing on the lawn by the ocean. The French really know how to enjoy lawns in perfect locations! I suggest you do the same. Bring a book and just soak up the atmosphere. It's a fun spot to sit because surfers are right in front of you catching the famous waves of Malibu Surfrider Beach that Gidget rode at Malibu Pier.
Among the gardens you can see the star-shaped Spanish fountain and the tiled poolhouse. You can walk into the courtyard to see the Malibu tiles and decorative pots. On the other side of the gardens is a deck underneath which boats were stored. Here you can sit and watch the colonies of pelicans, herons, and egrets that make the Malibu Lagoon their home. Notice the architectural details like the wall that runs along the Pacific Coast Highway with its Malibu tile and natural stone inserts, the little round window, and the garage doors.
Adamson House was built in 1930 and it shared its view with no other houses at the time. Imagine that! The house is built in Spanish Revival style with beautiful wooded slats on the ceiling and an abundance of Malibu tiles.
You can only see the inside of the house if you join one of the tours. These are Thursday to Saturday at 11am, noon, 1pm, and 2pm. No photography is allowed inside the house- boo hoo. There is a gift shop.
Afterwards, walk over the bridge to Malibu Country Mart and Malibu Lumber Yard to get a gelato or coffee. For an absolutely amazing day, you could have breakfast or lunch at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe.

Photo Gallery

View of surfers from Adamson House gardens.

Adamson House gardens- see the white egret at bottom right.

I love the front courtyard of Adamson House.

Perfect sets break in front of Adamson House.

Spanish architecture at Adamson House- round deeply-set window, ironwork flowerbox, wooden shutters.

Malibu pier as seen from the green lawn- isn't this place bliss?

Pacific Ocean meets the Malibu lagoon.

Surfers know how to enjoy life.

Malibu pier and a surfer, seen from Adamson House gardens.

Side of Adamson House.

Peaceful stone bench.

Love the mountains above Malibu.

Star fountain with a view.

Tiled door leading to the back courtyard.

Deck overlooking the Malibu Lagoon.

Highway 1 bridge that leads over the lagoon. You can walk it to Malibu Country Mart Mall.

Cute gate and flowers.

Flower catching the light. Malibu Movie Colony is in the distance.

The driveway looks like French driveways.

The Malibu lagoon and its pelicans and herons.

Looking across the lagoon to the Malibu Movie Colony where many famous people live.

The interesting wall and hill behind.

Flowers in the gardens.

The yard and wall inlaid with stone.

Stairs leading down to the back courtyard.

Pot with colorful tiles from the Malibu pottery.

Sign to look out for from Highway 1.


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Tour cost is $7. For children 6-16, the cost is $2. Children 5 and under can tour for free. You must pay in cash. It is free to stroll around the grounds and in the courtyard.
Parking is in the Malibu Surfrider Beach lot adjacent to the house and costs $3 per hour. You pay using the parking machine.
Adamson House is located at 23200 Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1), malibu CA 90265. Coming from the west/north, you will pass Cross Creek Rd on the left and then go over a wide bridge over the lagoon. Immediately after the bridge, turn right into the parking lot. There is a large sign that says 'Adamson House.'
Call (310) 456-8432.
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