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The Boulevard, Lancaster

Los Angeles, California, USA


The Boulevard is the main strip of downtown Lancaster. It was recently redone and has a cozy feel. Like many American main strips, the road is lined with diagonal parking and plenty of fancy lampposts. There are flags to give it a sense of place. Instead of fast food places, there are groovy restaurants and cafes, such as Brooklyn Deli, Caramel Bakery, Rae's Cupcakes, Bandstand Coffee, and Lemon Leaf Cafe.
The best part about The Boulevard is the raised area strung with lights by Bex Bar and Grill. Here, on special live music nights (usually Tuesday evenings), bikers gather around the outdoor stage. What's cool is that families are included in the fun because there's a space-age playground right there by the "happening" spot. Families aren't relegated to the boring kid-friendly zone! This area is a sort of gathering place for the whole town, and it's a great design! Check for nights when there is live music and come enjoy it!
Lancaster grew to be a large city as the result of the aerospace industry at Edwards Air Force Base and nearby Air Force Plant 42 (check out the Blackbird Airpark, if you like planes). Along The Boulevard there are a sidewalk monuments to outstanding experimental test pilots from Lancaster.
Throughout the year, special events for the community are held at "the Boulevard," including "The Boolevard," with trick or treating and carnival games the Saturday before Halloween, and a Santa's Village in early December with train rides, live music, and children's crafts.
If you're hungry, try Lemon Leaf Cafe. This cafe has a beautiful mural of a lemon orchard on the wall and attractive tables. You pay up front and then seat yourself. The prices are fairly high but the food is good, especially the pizza, and the atmosphere is pleasant.
The Boulevard was definitely my favorite part of Lancaster. The rest of the city is harder to love because it consists mostly of very barren desert land with nothing more than a few scrubs interspersed with sprawling cookie cutter housing developments. There is an impressive new baseball stadium and a movie theater complex called Cinemark 22-Plex at Valley Central Way and W. Avenue I. There is also a nice park with a lake, dock, and playground called Apollo Park.

Photo Gallery

A couple soaks up the fun atmosphere on a live music night outside Bex Grill.

Live music and motorcycles, outside Bex Grill, the cool part of town.

"The Boulevard," the downtown redevelopment- a real success!

Downtown Lancaster.

The playground, right by the live music stage, at 706 Lancaster Blvd.

Interesting rope things to climb at the playground and live music stage area at 706 Lancaster Blvd.

I love how they put the playground right by the live music stage and fun biker bar, Bex Grill. Who says parents don't want to have a little fun too?

Strung lights at the raised area at 706 Lancaster Blvd.

Along The Boulevard there are sidewalk monuments dedicated to experimental test pilots who have worked at Edwards Air Force Base.

I love the mural of lemon pickers in Lemon Leaf Cafe!


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The Boulevard, the main strip of downtown Lancaster, is located on Lancaster Blvd near Date Avenue. Exit Highway 14 at Avenue I and head east. Turn right on 15th St W. Turn left on Lancaster Blvd and after about 3/4 mile, park in the diagonal stalls along Lancaster Blvd near Date St.
Bex Bar and Grill, 706 Lancaster Blvd, call (661) 945-2399.
Brooklyn Deli, 730 West Lancaster Boulevard, call (661) 726-3354.
Lemon Leaf Cafe, 653 West Lancaster Boulevard, call (661) 942-6500.
Bandstand Coffee,706 West Lancaster Boulevard, call (661) 723-9696.
Caramel Pastries, 688 West Lancaster Boulevard, call (661) 729-9393.
Rae's Cupcakes, 706 West Lancaster Boulevard, call (661) 942-2253.
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