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Travel Town, Griffith Park

Los Angeles, California, USA


Thomas the Tank Engine fans, come aboard! Travel Town is a train museum in Griffith Park with a real railway station, criss-crossing tracks, and trains. The train station looks like it's straight out of England and a Thomas the Tank Engine show! This is a dream come true for little train conductors! They can walk under the shelter of the real train station and climb aboard an old train.
Unfortunately, kids aren't allowed to do much more than board two of the trains. They can't touch the other trains or trolley, board them, or climb on them so it's disappointing.
The miniature train ride is a ton of fun though. It is a train that seats two passengers per row and has a shade cover over it. It takes you twice around the perimeter of the museum lot.
There are grassy areas where parents can host birthday parties or picnic. A gift shop has a good selection of train-themed toys, both cheap and expensive.
Indoors there isn't much to do. There are carriages that kids aren't allowed to go inside, and a toy train set that has pieces missing.
A fun thing my daughter discovered were some painted tracks on the cement outside the gift shop. If you buy a small train eraser or toy inside the shop, your child can make it zoom around the yellow tracks.
Previous visitors might be disappointed because some things have changed. Kids are no longer allowed to climb on top of the trains. Also, the big collection of fire engines and airplanes is gone.
A visit to Travel Town takes less than an hour so combine it with another stop in Griffith Park, maybe Ferndell, which has a gorgeous walk amid tropical plants by a brook plus a shaded playground. Another good option is to play at the main playground in Griffith Park, which is full of fun climbing structures. You could also enjoy the panoramic views of LA from the top of Griffith Observatory.

Photo Gallery

Birthday balloons at a grassy patch near a steam locomotive.

Railroad tracks forming an X.

Red and yellow Charley Atkins train.

Miniature train ride!

Large model train indoors.

Doesn't this look like it's out of a Thomas the Tank Engine show?

Inside a train.

Shady spot.

Steam locomotive.

Climb aboard!

Walking inside the real train station.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Travel Town is located at 5200 Zoo Drive in Griffith Park, call (323) 662-5874. From Highway 101, take Highway 134 East. After 4 miles, exit Highway 134 at Forest Lawn Dr. Turn left on Zoo Dr. Turn right into the parking lot for Travel Town.
Open daily. Mon-Fri 10-4. Sat and Sun 10-5. Closed on Dec 25.
Admission is free.
Miniature railroad rides are open M-F 10-3:15, Sat and Sun 10-4:15 (4:45 in summer). Closed for lunch on weekdays, 12:15-1pm. Cost is $2.75 for adults and kids, $2 for seniors.
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