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Ocean Reef Beach, Singer Island

Palm Beach, FL, USA


Ocean Reef Beach is nice for kids because they can snorkel around the limestone reef close to shore. The water is crystal clear and warm. Along the shore, there are plenty of shells to collect. High-rise hotels and condos line the shore, and their colorful chairs look cute in the sand. When you park, there is a small shady playground with a seahorse bouncy. A wooden boardwalk takes you to the sand. The beach is wide and it's quite a walk to the water, so bring a treat to lure little ones back to the car!
You can take a short walk south along the beach and you come to Singer Island at Riviera Beach, another wonderful beach with a boardwalk area, cafes, and shops, including a Costa Rican ice cream shop and a NY Deli with lovely outdoor seating in the shade.
North of this beach is John D. MacArthur Beach, where you arrive at a tropical jungle and then take a trolley across the intracoastal waterway to a more isolated beach (there is no lifeguard).

Photo Gallery

Playground near the parking lot.

Seahorse bouncy at the playground.

Wooden walkway to the beautiful sea!

Walkway to the side to the other beach entrance.

Wide expanse of soft sand.

A fun beach!

Birds and lovely limestone rocks.

Rocks you can explore.

Sea birds have it good...

Father and kids having a dip.

Blissful water.



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To avoid a sketchy neighborhood, come via PGA Blvd. Exit Highway 95 at PGA Blvd and head toward the ocean. You will go over a bridge and then drive for four miles along N Ocean Dr, past John D. MacArthur State Park and then a bunch of high-rise condos. Turn left into the Ocean Reef Park parking lot. Parking is free.
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