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Bridge Road Banyan Walk, Jupiter Island

Stuart, FL, USA


On Bridge Rd under gorgeous banyan trees beside fairy-soft grass, you can take a magical walk all the way from Highway A1A over Hobe Sound Bridge to the sea. At the beginning, near Highway A1A, it feels so lovely walking under the banyan trees amid the scent of thick tropical vegetation. You then cross Hobe Sound Bridge, with its tranquil views of islands and shimmering water. Next, you are even more amazed, when the vegetation becomes more beautiful, with softest green grass under gnarled banyans. It is so lovely! You walk all the way to the wonderful sea, where rugged Hobe Sound Beach beckons you to sit and smell the salt air.
Even when the wind at the ocean is blasting, it's perfectly sheltered along the Banyan Tree walk! To extend your exercise, walk south on Gomez Rd (there is no sidewalk) and you can find a lovely little pedestrian-only walkway at the intracoastal waterway near Barron Place.
The drive to this walk from Tequesta along Highway 1 to Highway 1A is lovely- all open road with strange vegetation in a slightly barren-looking landscape.

Photo Gallery

Jogging past banyan trees.

Bench amongst banyans.

Banyan roots form a bridge to bike under.

Friends enjoying their morning walk on Bridge Road.

View from the bridge.

Velvet soft grass and wispy trees.

Amazing tree on Bridge Rd.

Bliss of soft grass and banyans.

Walking towards the arch.

Hobe Sound Beach, which you reach at the end of the walk.


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From Highway 1A, turn toward the ocean on SE Bridge Rd. You can turn right on Shell Rd and park your car along the road. This is where the walk starts. If parking your car there seems sketchy, drive to the end of SE Bridge Rd to Hobe Sound Beach, park in the free parking lot, and then take the walk from the other direction.
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