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Venetian Pool, Coral Gables

Miami, FL, USA


NOTE: The Venetian Pool is closed for renovation until March 2019.
The Venetian Pool in Coral Gables is a unique, historical paradise! Built in 1923 from a coral quarry, the pool is surrounded by Venetian-style buildings with archways, pink curlicue ironwork, and columns, and even has a Venetian bridge and striped posts protruding from the water. The water is a gorgeous emerald green, fed by a natural spring from an underground aquifer. In the spring and summer, it is drained and filled daily with fresh water! Your skin feels so good when you get out- not salty or smelling of chlorine! There is a roaring waterfall and you can sit in the rock cave behind it revelling in the spray. Caves out of coral provide a shady spot to swim around and fill kids with awe and imagination- these are closed if there are few swimmers since a lifeguard must stay inside them. A banyan tree and palm trees galore add to the beauty of this romantic spot. Couples kiss and embrace in and around the pool.
When you enter you can see historical photos of the pool in the fountain room. There is a change room and restroom- these were sprayed clean and left to sit with wet surfaces everywhere so it's kind of hard to navigate these (diaper-changer open with gallons of water on it)- get changed before you arrive. The water is spring water so it is cold and refreshing. If you come first thing in the morning, it feels too cold. But the rest of the day it feels an absolutely perfect temperature, especially on a hot day.
This truly is a unique and lovely experience worth having! My whole family, both young and teen kids, LOVED it! There is nothing like the happiness of swimming in a beautiful place.
Children under 3 are not allowed to enter the facility.There is a snack bar with ice cream sandwiches, fries and such.
Afterward head over to the Miracle Mile in downtown Coral Gables for a yummy ham and cheese empanada at Delicatessen Patagonia, an argentinian counter-service cafe with outdoor tables.Drive the gorgeous drive under archways of old trees to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden for a walk amongst a jungle of streams and shiny-leaved plants that looks like Hawaii!
Other magical springs where you can swim in Florida are  Ichetucknee Springs State Park near Gainesville and Blue Spring State Park near DeLand (just north of Orlando).

Photo Gallery

Gorgeous red iron-work fence and Venetian lamp post.

The pool is huge!

The waterfall.

The caves.

Popular weekend in May at the pool.

The section of the pool for kids.

Potted palms beside the pool.

Busy weekend in May at the Venetian Pool.

Banyan trees lining the road near the parking lot.

Lush vegetation by the parking lot.

The natural spring water is a lovely color.

Aaaah...this is the life!

It's fun to swim under the waterfall and hang out in the cave.

Colorful Venetian post and sparkling water.

A Spanish-style room in the front displays historical information.

Bridge and palms over pool.

Venetian-style lamp posts and rock cave with waterfall.

Looking through the entry building at the pool. Archways and pink wrought-iron.

The entry gates- they have a lot of atmosphere!


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Venetian Pool is located at 2701 De Soto Boulevard, Coral Gables FL 33134, call (305) 460-5306.
Entry May-Oct is $11.50 for adults and teens 13 years and up, and $6.60 for children. Kids under three are not allowed to enter the facility.
Entry Nov and Feb-Apr is $7.50 for adults and teens 13 years and up, and $4.50 for children.
Residents of Coral Gables have discounted rates: $5.25 and $4.15. There are also seasonal passes for residents and non-residents.
Delicatessen Patagonia, 244 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables FL 33134, call (305) 640-8376.

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