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Miracle Mile, Coral Gables

Miami, FL, USA


The main strip of Coral Gables town is called Miracle Mile and runs along Coral Way between S. Le Jeune Rd and S. Douglas Rd. Here, rows of canary palms blend in with sidewalk cafes and city high-rises, some with pretty, historic facades. It is pleasant, though not unusually beautiful. Well-dressed Latin women stroll along stopping for a chat; most everyone you hear is speaking Spanish.
Coral Gables is a planned community that was created in the 1920s by George E. Merrick, who was inspired by mediterranean architecture. He created fountains and streets under a canopy of trees.
You have to try empanadas while in Miami! Empanadas are pastries with savory fillings, such as spinach, ham and cheese, ground or pulled beef, chicken, or spicy chorizo sausage. The flavor of the fillings are delicious! About two of them with a small salad makes a meal.
For a coffee with a cute and tasty Pan De Bono with guava filling, walk to Cafe Curuba, 2 1/2 blocks south.
After exploring the Miracle Mile, head over to the Venetian Pool for a swim in paradise!
While you're in Coral Gables, say a prayer of thanks at Church of the Little Flower, a lovely little church that is an 8 minute drive from Miracle Mile.

Photo Gallery

Movie theater on the Miracle Mile.

Three women walk along the Miracle Mile.

Row of shops.

Inside Patagonia Home Made Products- a cafe.


Flowers along the street.

Cute view from inside Cafe Curuba.

Mansion in Coral Gables.

Amazing canopy of fig trees in Coral Gables.

Flowers outside Church of the Little Flower.

Say a prayer inside Church of the Little Flower.


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Miracle Mile runs along Coral Way between S. Le Jeune Rd and S. Douglas Rd. There is plenty of parking along the street- bring quarters for the meters.
Cafe Curuba, 2626 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables FL 33134, call (786) 703-9183.
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