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Coral Cove Intracoastal Beach, Jupiter Island

Palm Beach, FL, USA


The intracoastal waterway all along the coast in South Florida has beautiful white sand beaches. Along the shore the sand is goopy and brown but the sand is very fine and white on the beach. When crossing bridges over the intracoastal waterway, one always sees these beaches and longs to explore them. But many of them are not accessible because of high rises, shrubs along the roadway, or lack of parking on the beach roads. Coral Cove is accessible though! There is a small parking lot where the high rises come to an end on the left as you enter Jupiter Island on S. Beach Rd. Little access paths lead down to tiny private beaches separated from each other by mangrove trees along the shoreline.
On busy Spring Break days it's super fun to come down to Coral Cove and watch all the happy people enjoying water sports. There are kayakers, fishermen up to their chest in the water, stand up paddle boarders, and people zipping by on motor boats and jet skis (only occasionally so it's not noisy). Some people even float by, napping on their boards.
On quieter days you can sometimes see manatees, sharks, or even turtles. Look in the shallow water at the shore and you can see little goby fish darting around. We even saw a crab with beautiful blue markings on its legs. It's very fun for kids to walk from beach to beach exploring the mangroves in between. It's like a doll-sized forest under the mangrove trees and inspires some great imaginative games. Parents can hunch in the shade of the mangrove trees which makes this a less burny spot that the exposed Coral Cove Beach across the road and Blowing Rocks Beach a little further north.
Across the intracoastal waterway are some pretty mansions, and the color of the water is just lovely as you look around you.
You can see these beaches from the water if you take the Manatee Queen boat tour- go at high tide when the color of the water is incredibly beautiful.
It's best not to swim, or come in contact with water through walking or sitting on the shore, at the intracoastal beaches, especially in the summer months, since brackish warm water can have flesh-eating disease, which can infect you through cuts.  

Photo Gallery

Path to the little private beach on the intracoastal waterway.

An island in the intracoastal waterway.

The mangroves provide shade.

Relaxing in the sun!


A fisherman deep in the water.

Doll-sized forest to stir the imagination!

Tree branch and still waters.

Tree trunk- it's fun to walk down the beach and explore!

Hanging out at the intracoastal on Memorial Day.

The little intracoastal beaches as seen from the water.

The gorgeous color of the water and the white sand, as seen from the Manatee Queen boat tour.

A guy with straw hat swims at a little beach at Coral Cove!


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From Highway 1, turn east at S. Beach Rd. Keep an eye for when the high rises end on the left and there is a small parking lot after that on the left. From there you can walk a few steps to several short beach access paths.
For your GPS you can use the address: 480 County Hwy 707, Jupiter FL 33469.
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