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Schoolhouse Children's Museum, Boynton Beach

Palm Beach, FL, USA


Schoolhouse Children's Museum in Boynton Beach is in a beautiful old schoolhouse that is in very good condition. Huge windows look out on pretty trees outside. The staircase with lovely white banisters envelopes a model of the red Jupiter lighthouse, with an animatronic lighthouse keeper that pops his head out and talks to you when you knock on the door!
There are two levels to the museum. The first level has some really fun exhibits. The best is the dairy exhibit. You put ping-pong balls into the mouth of the cow and they come shooting out the udders! You have to catch them with the milk pail! Kids shriek with delight at this and run all around trying to catch the ping-pong balls! Alongside the cow is a milk cooling system as used in the old days. You press a button and pop a ping-pong ball in and it shoots through clear tunnels.
There is a delightful puppet playhouse where you can put on a puppet show with doctor, nurse, fireman, or baker puppets. There are also animal puppets. A steam train has a fire that you can tend and controls you can pull and push. Kids love to ring the bell on the steam train with the long rope. A tea party area is set as if in the old Boynton Beach Hotel. There is a kitchen area where kids can wear aprons and pretend to bake cookies or cut vegetables. A really nice section is the bell pepper farm where you can pedal the tractor and watch as the bell peppers behind you go through the sorter. Then you take them in buckets and place them on the appropriate cart: red, yellow, or green, to be delivered to the public.
Upstairs there is a market with a wagon in front, and a doctor's office with baby dolls, x-ray viewer, and doctor's tools. There is a post office where you can write a letter and then drop it in the slot. You watch as it pops out the other side. An older room has a steam ship with captain's wheel and a mangrove playground with alligator mouth to climb in, tunnel, slide, clear tunnel with design of mangrove grasses on the outside, and info panels on plants and birds found in mangroves.
Outside the museum is a large wooden castle playground called Kid's Kingdom, that looked promising but is not that well kept up. There isn't much shade at the playground so come early or late in the day.
A lovely beach nearby with a jungly backdrop and clear water is Gulfstream Beach Park.

Photo Gallery

The beautiful building in masonry vernacular style, with a belfry.

Stage outside the museum.

Lizard with curly tail in the garden outside the museum.

Pretty surroundings.

Frangipani flowers outside the schoolhouse.

Model of the Jupiter Lighthouse.

The colorful interior!

Train kids can pretend to drive.

Pretend kitchen.

Cows like salt because it helps them to digest their food.

A girl learns about dairy farming.

Ping pong balls cause great delight in this make-believe cow milking station.

Two boys make believe that they are citrus farmers.

Kids can put on a puppet show.

The museum is in a lovely schoolhouse.

Upstairs room with boat and international flags.

Brownies and chocolate chip cookies, anyone?

Train set and puppet theater.

Cash register and scale.

Tools at the service station.

Post Office window.

Babies to take care of.

Car and gas pump.

The lighthouse keeper pops out of the lighthouse window and speaks to you!


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Schoolhouse Children's Museum is located at 129 East Ocean Avenue, Boynton Beach, FL 33435, call (561) 742-6780.
Exit Highway 95 at Boynton Beach Blvd and head toward the ocean. Turn right on Seacrest Blvd and then left on Ocean Ave. The parking lot for the museum is on your left.
Cost is $5 for adults, $4.50 for seniors, and $4 for children aged 1-17. Children under one year old are free.
Open Tues-Sat 10-5. Closed major holidays.
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