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Kids Kingdom Playground, Boynton Beach

Palm Beach, FL, USA


Kids Kingdom Playground in Boynton Beach is a huge wooden castle playground painted grey. As you walk up to it, it looks like it's going to be so awesome with its red-trim castle windows. But the rest of it is a dull grey and there is very little shade at the main playing area. On one edge there are some trees and shade. The playground isn't being kept up very well; there are some broken parts and it's not that clean, especially at the edge with the shade. It's a shame because it could be a lot nicer with some TLC.
One part of the playground is really fun: a tire that you can climb down through to another tire suspended by chains. You can go underneath the playground, and the structure here looks like a ship, the Coquina, that was shipwrecked on the coast hundreds of years ago.
Schoolhouse Children's Museum, next door, is a fun and worthwhile place to visit, with a funny dairy exhibit where kids put ping-pong balls into the cow's mouth and then catch them with milk pails as they come out the udders!
The town of Boynton Beach feels a little down-and-out and Ocean Ave as you drive toward the beach doesn't have many cafes or cute shops, just a few liquor/bait shops. There is one cafe with outdoor seating that looked pleasant, Hurricane Alley.

Photo Gallery

The playground from above, as seen from the Schoolhouse Children's Museum.

Entrance to the playground- I like the red paint!

Climb down the tires!

A boy explores stacked tires.

It's fun to run around the narrow walkways and see what you find!

More tires to balance on!

A unique, long tire swing.

Giant dinosaur bouncy.

Lovely white schoolhouse!


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Kids Kingdom playground is located next to Schoolhouse Children's Museum at 129 East Ocean Avenue, Boynton Beach, FL 33435.
Exit Highway 95 at Boynton Beach Blvd and head toward the ocean. Turn right on Seacrest Blvd and then left on Ocean Ave. The parking lot for the museum and playground is on your left.
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