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Bike Path between Santa Monica and Venice

Los Angeles, California, USA


It's a short bike ride from Santa Monica pier to Venice Beach and you can take it on a bike path over the sand! It's a lot of fun and there are always people zooming by on rollerblades. The air can be quite cold at the beach in California so bring a sweater or jacket. It is like going from two different worlds when you make this short trip. Santa Monica pier is a happy spot with a fairly family-friendly beach and pier with tons of rides and a video arcade. Venice Beach is a weird area. Besides your fair share of homeless people and drug culture, you will also see graffiti artists, skate boarders at the skate park, and a playground for kids in the sand. Both Santa Monica and Venice have Muscle Beach- an area with rings and poles where athletic types can train and body build.
In between Santa Monica and Venice, there's a cafe called Perry's Cafe where you can stop and enjoy the vibe at the tables by the sand and also rent bikes. There are two small colorful playgrounds midway along the bike path. Kids have a ton of fun here!
As you can see from the photos, it is often foggy or overcast at the beach in California, especially in the summertime. The least foggy months are August to December, though November and December can be very cold.

Photo Gallery

Playground on bike path between Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

Playground in the sand, near Venice Beach at the bike path.

Wooden paths make it easier to take the long trek across the sand to the water.

Perry Cafe, midway between Santa Monica pier and Venice Beach on the bike path. You can rent bikes here.

Playground on the bike path.

Bike onto Ocean Front Walk once you get to Venice Beach.

Bike path at Santa Monica Beach.


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From Highway 1, take Strand St all the way to the ocean (you must drive south on 6th St for a few meters to connect up with Strand St again). Once you get to the ocean, park in the large parking lot and then rent a bike at Perry's Cafe.
Perry's Cafe and Rentals, 2600 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica CA 90405, call (310) 584-9306.
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