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Ocean Drive Walk, Juno Beach

Palm Beach, FL, USA


The Ocean Drive Walk in Juno Beach is a favorite with residents. People come throughout the morning to jog, walk, and rollerblade along the sidewalk. A tall wall of sea grape trees provide wonderful shade until about 11am! The road sits slightly higher than the beach so you have a view above the water, which is rare in Florida. It's lovely to look through the twisty golden-brown branches at the stunning turquoise water below. You can hear the sound of the waves crashing when cars aren't zooming by. Because this is a coastal road, there aren't any trucks driving by, which is nice. The trucks stay on Highway 1. The cars that go by don't make a lot of fumes and of course, the ocean air smells great! Along the way there are beach access areas with benches looking out on the water and wooden stairs leading down to the sand. At Juno Beach pier and at the southern end of Loggerhead Beach, there are benches shaded by chickee (grass shack) huts where residents gather to chat. It's so pleasant to walk along with the scrubland and bluest sky across the road from you and the sea grape and ocean views next to you.
Leave a swimsuit in your car and you can take a dip in the warm (73 degrees in April) Atlantic ocean after your walk!
The shadiest sidewalk is between Juno Beach pier and Loggerhead Beach Park, so park your car at either of these lots and begin your walk!
If you're looking for a place to have a refreshment after your walk, you have three options.
Dunkin Donuts has a sweet view of zillions of cabbage palms, but has many elderly smokers outside despite the non-smoking signs, and the smoke wafts inside too. This makes it a no-go for me. 
Your best bet is a five minute drive south to Green Garden Cafe (closed Sundays), where you can get a Green Refresher juicer juice that makes you feel so healthy afterward and tastes amazing! Check the hours because they are fairly limited.
Papa Kwan Coffee Shop is a new one to try, though I haven't been there yet.

Photo Gallery

Morning walkers on the Ocean Drive Walk.

Shady spot to rest and watch the beach scene below.

The bridge you cross on the way to Juno to watch when it's raised (every half hour).

The shade really reaches over the walking path!

Stairs down to joy.

The wonderful jungly trees beside you.

A canopy of trees leading to the beach stairs. Magical.

Jungle that is beside you as you walk.

The bright happy colors of the water and dune grass.

A shady walk even late in the morning.

Staircase to the beach that you pass as you walk along. Gorgeous!

Wildflowers along the path. So glad they don't spray here!

Looking at a peek of blue, through the sea grape trees.

Blue horizon.

Cute stairs down to the perfect beach.

Shade galore!


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

There is a sidewalk with tons of shade in the morning along Ocean Dr, between Juno Beach pier and Loggerhead Beach.
Exit Highway 95 at Donald Ross Rd and head toward the ocean. After you cross the bridge, turn left on Highway 1. Turn right into either the Loggerhead Beach Park parking lot or the Juno Beach Park parking lot. There is plenty of free parking. Cross Ocean Dr by foot and then begin your walk!
To get to the Juno Beach Park parking lot, use this address: 14775 US Hwy 1, Juno Beach FL 33408.
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