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Avila Bch Playground and Central Coast Aquarium

San Luis Obispo, California, USA


Avila Beach is a delightful town filled with bright pastel buildings. The playground is situated right across the street from the beach and just a few steps from the main strip, Front Street, where you can eat a meal. Right next door to the playground is the small Central Coast Aquarium which is lovely to explore.
Kids delight in Avila Beach's pirate-themed playground, while parents happily enjoy the views of the sea, colorful houses, flowers, and hills all around them. Usually there are a ton of friendly parents and kids at the playground so it's a good place to come if your kids need someone to play with. The play structure has a wooden bridge, dolphin sculptures to climb, ship with pirate holding a telescope, sand pit, play structure, bouncy horses, large rocks, swings, and baby swings. There's a nice atmosphere and kids can spend hours playing in the clean sand below the playground and jumping from boulder to boulder.
The Central Coast Aquarium is immaculate and offers tanks full of jellies, starfish, sting rays, baby sharks, plus interesting exhibits to teach you about the abundant life under the sea in this region. Helpful volunteers fill you in with info and let you touch the animals.
While near San Luis Obispo, don't miss out on the most amazing playground you'll ever see, at Sinsheimer Park.

Photo Gallery

Play structure and bouncies, over lovely clean sand.

You can go straight from the beach to the playground!

Colorful pirate ship!

Basketball court by the playground, with view of the sea!

Colorful buildings by the playground.

Picnic tables by the playground.

Sting ray and pink starfish at the Central Coast Aquarium.

A volunteer introduces some children to the touch tank.

Baby leopard shark and amazing starfish at the Central Coast Aquarium.

Kelp tank.

Funny flat fish that camouflages himself by the sand, at the Central Coast Aquarium.

The playground is a ton of fun.

Picnic table by the playground, with a view!

Picnic table in the sand, near the playground.

A horseshoe crab chases a sting ray.

Little girl checks out a shark.

Spotted sharks.


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From Highway 101, follow the signs to Avila Beach Drive. Once you're on Avila Beach Drive, follow it for three miles and then turn left at the light on First Street. Pay for parking in the large lot on the left or else turn right on San Juan Street to see if you luck out and find free parking right next to the playground. 
Central Coast Aquarium, 50 San Juan Street, Avila Beach CA 93424, call (805) 595-7280.
Open Sat-Sun 10-4. Cost is $8 for adults, $5 for seniors and free for kids aged 2 and under.
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