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Fruit and Spice Park, Homestead

Miami, FL, USA


Fruit and Spice Park is a lovely place to go for a walk. A paved walking trail leads through a gorgeous bamboo forest where the trunks are so thick and squeak in the wind. You pass coconut trees exploding with yellow coconuts, and banana groves blessed with purple baby bananas! It is so fun to see what all the different fruit trees look like!
When you enter the park, through the structure of a historic red schoolhouse, there are a few sample fruits to try- the tamarind is delicious! Kids become happy and energized here- nature always does this! Our kids were so happy and not fighting at all as we made our way through this interesting place- what a joy!
There is a lake you walk around and on its banks, Baobab trees. They are so otherworldly and wonderful! There is a tram tour you can take through the park, starting at 11am, but we enjoyed just walking through the park on our own. We arrived at 9:30am and had the whole park to ourselves!
After, you can eat on the pretty balcony of the Mango Cafe (next door to the red schoolhouse) and enjoy the sweet breezes. The food is just assembled by the county park employees but the Thai Chicken Salad was very nice! Open 11:30-4:30.
While in Homestead, make sure you see the unusual Coral CastleMonkey Jungle is also a great place for kids and animal lovers.

Photo Gallery

Pond with giant taro and banana trees.

Bananas on the tree!

Starfruit tree.

Herb garden lily pond.

Pathway beside banana trees.

Tiny purple bananas.

Giant taro.


Bamboo sky.

Baobab trees across the lake.

Banana trees silhouetted.

Walkway lined with bamboo, shimmering in the breeze.

Bamboo with lake backdrop.

Tropical plants beside the lake.


Giant bamboo.

Skinny bamboo...shades of blue and green.

Lovely balcony at Mango Cafe.


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Fruit and Spice Park is located at 24801 SW 187th Ave, Homestead, FL 33031, call (305) 247-5727.
From the Florida Turnpike, take Hwy 821 the Homestead Extension of the Turnpike. Take exit 6 for 137th Ave and turn right on 137th Ave. After half a mile, turn left on 264th St. After 5 miles, turn right on 187th Ave. After one mile, Fruit and Spice Park will be on your right. There is free parking in the large U-shaped driveway.
Open daily 9-5, except Dec 25. Cost is $10 per adult, $3 per child aged 6-11, children under 6 are free.
Mango Cafe (near the entrance) is open 11:30-4:30.
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