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Camino Real Marketplace, Goleta

Santa Barbara, California, United States


While the rest of Goleta and Santa Barbara are chilly and foggy, Camino Real Marketplace usually has good weather. You can sit out on the red brick terrace in the sun looking at the colorful umbrellas and bell tower backed by vibrant blue sky!
Whenever I'm blue and I need a pick-me-up, the first place that comes to mind is Camino Real Marketplace and it always does the trick. For a cup of coffee you can try Starbuck's or Anna's Bakery. There is a nice modern movie theatre here- Camino Real Theatres.
Toddlers have a blast at this shopping center running around in the big circle in front of Starbuck's. It's slightly lower than the rest of the shopping center which makes it safe because kids can't run into the road easily. The ramp is a real hit with toddlers! Bring a mini-stroller which they can push up and down.
Camino Real Marketplace is also a surprisingly beautiful place for a shopping center- deciduous trees of green and black, pansies and petunias galore, banana trees, classic lampposts, chunky brick archways, and the red brick terrace...take it all in while you leisurely sip your coffee and read your newspaper!
For dinner or lunch at Camino Real Marketplace, try Kahuna Grill. Consistent and reasonably priced, it has a great theme inside with surf videos playing, hawaiian music, island surf photos, and tropical seating outside on the patio among beautiful plants. There's a good kids menu. For adults, I recommend the chicken kebobs, which have warm cherry tomatoes and pineapple- yum! The fries are amazing and the salads are super fresh. There are plenty of high chairs to use, and baby will be entertained because there's so much to see. 
Hollister Brewing Company has a cool scene going on, especially on weekend nights. There are tons of TVs to keep the kids happy and beer brewed onsite to keep the grownups relaxed! The food is good, especially the Falafel Sandwich!
Another great option for lunch or dinner is Natural Cafe, with its lovely colorful outdoor seating. Try the Baja burrito- a memorable and delicious meal! The meals at Natural Cafe usually come with a salad (try the lemon herb dressing), and it's the nicest salad you'll ever have, with jicama in it!
Jane is an expensive but excellent restaurant with a lovely closed-in patio, so you can sit outside even when it's cold. 
On Sundays there's a popular Farmer's Market at Camino Real Marketplace from 10-2pm, with a balloon man, buskers (musicians), and yummy fruits and veggies! A smaller Farmer's Market is set up on Thursday afternoons from 3-6pm. Try the lettuce from Ellwood- yum!
On the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm the Astronomy Unit of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History sets up telescopes in the big circle in front of Starbuck's. Kids can view the moon and after dark, the stars. Call (805) 964-8201 to be sure.
The first Saturday of the month, Home Depot has a really cool activity for kids outside. Come before 11:30am or the kits will have run out. Last time we went the kids made a periscope. 
For a more hip scene, cross Storke Rd and check out The French Press. This is where the UCSB students go to study. The staff are friendly and the music is cool. Try their chocolate chip cookies that have big chunks of salt- delicious! The only problem is that there isn't enough seating inside even though they have a huge space. On warm days you can sit outside.
If you're looking for a playground nearby, check out Dinosaur Park, a pretty park with unique play equipment.
There are some really nice beaches nearby: Coal Oil Point, makes for a gorgeous clifftop walk, and also has a hidden beach below the stairs where kids like to play in the sand. Bacara Beach, the beach below the Bacara Resort, is a wild beach where you can listen to pebbles clanging on the shore.

Photo Gallery

Camino Real is an attractive, sunny shopping area.

I love the Spanish-style tower, classic lampposts, and deciduous trees at Camino Real Shopping Center!

The recessed circle where kids love to run and play.

February brings blossoms to the trees. sit at the bakery and take in the sunny day!

View toward Anna's Bakery and Kahuna Grill, from the movie theater.

One of the loveliest things you can do in Goleta- sit outside at Camino Real Marketplace and enjoy the cheerful view!

The colorful seating outside Natural Cafe, a great place to eat lunch or dinner!

Colorful umbrellas outside Starbucks Coffee.

Christmas tree 2016.

Orange umbrellas and cute plant outside Kahuna Grill.

The inside of Kahuna Grill is attractive.

A busy spot at lunchtime.


The wonderful tree outside Natural Cafe.

Outside Natural Cafe.


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Camino Real Marketplace is located on the corner of Hollister Ave and Storke Rd.
From Highway 101, exit at Glen Annie/Storke Rd. Turn towards the ocean. Once you cross Hollister Avenue, turn right into the Camino Real Marketplace.
There are very clean restrooms in the archway near Starbucks.
Anna's Bakery, 7018 Market Place Dr, call (805) 968-5590.
Kahuna Grill, 7010 Market Place Dr, call (805) 685-3711.
Natural Cafe, 6990 Market Place Dr.
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