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Sebastian Inlet Rock Pools

Stuart, FL, USA


Sebastian Inlet is a fun spot where tons of families go camping on the weekend, and there are kids galore for your child to play with. A large causeway runs over the area, adding interest to the geography. On one side of the causeway is a jetty popular with fishermen. Fishermen also hang out at the walkway underneath the causeway. Pelicans await any fish that might drop from their buckets. A two-storey restaurant with great views plus a walk-up window, Inlet Grill, stands by the ocean. Many surfers come to ride waves by the jetty, where there is one of the best swells in Florida. On the inland side of the causeway is a little cove with calm water and picnic tables. Here are rock wall keeps out the currents, and makes for some fun climbing. Rock pools abound on the inside of this wall, and kids hop about on the rocks entertaining themselves for hours. It's great to come and let your child enjoy this spot while you relax. There are star fish and tiny fish in the rock pools, and plenty of goopy sand to dig around in. Kids can pile up rock statues with all the little rocks that are everywhere. One minute drive south beside the ocean is the McLarty Treasure Museum, with a pretty observation deck, but a very dusty and moldy-smelling museum. Eight minutes drive south check out Golden Sands Beach Park which has many large shells and lots of lush, tropical trees in the parking lot- parking is free. Don't miss out on gorgeous McKee Botanical Garden in Vero Beach, where art exhibits are often spread out amongst the jungly trees and flowers, making for a delightful visit.

Photo Gallery

The jetty that stretches out into the ocean from the inlet.

The walkway underneath the causeway, where fishermen hang out.

Pelican in the inlet.

Inlet Grill.

The rock pools keep kids busy for hours!

Kids swimming in the calm cove.

Teens scrambling on the rock wall.

I love this bird!

Child playing in the mud by the rock pools.

Fishing boat heading in the inlet.

Bird checking out the scene.

Long pier!

Watching the waves hit the rocks by the jetty.

Fishing boats and blue-green waves.

Looking up the beach.

The right side of the jetty.

Looking back from the jetty toward Inlet Grill and Gifts.

Wildflowers by the path.


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Sebastian Inlet State Park is located at 9700 Hwy A1A, Melbourne Beach FL 32951. If you're heading north on Highway A1A from Orchid Island (Vero Beach), after your cross over the inlet on the huge causeway, turn left into the state park entrance. Entrance fee is $8 per car unfortunately. Camping fee is $28 per night.
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