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Jacksonville University

North Florida, FL, USA


If you want to walk through a paradise of old oaks strung with Spanish moss, stroll through Jacksonville University, a private university. Here students get to enjoy the slightly hilly campus (rare for Florida) and the waterfront by the river. Athletes will be at home here as there are Division 1 sports. Only 2,000 traditional undergraduates go to this college, and there is an even balance of men and women. About half the students live on campus. This college is slightly less competitive than many of the other Florida colleges (middle 50% weighted high school GPAs are 3.2-3.8).
Top majors are nursing, marine science, business, biology, and exercise science.Students interested in marine science (undergraduate and graduate, and high school students looking for summer camps) should look into this college because of its amazing new Marine Science building by the river. The director is passionate about his field and the department even supplies data for NOAA through their buoys on the river. The views from the Marine Science building are just choice! I wanted to stay longer and just take it in.
The aviation and aviation management programs seem nice too, as aviation students can study here while still having a typical college experience, hanging out with students from a variety of different majors. 
Although a few buildings look newish, most of the buildings on this campus are old and built with low ceilings and an unattractive style. So you have the benefit of all the old beautiful trees but you have some musty, depressing buildings like the student union and the building with the arts classrooms. The new president, however, is a former leader of PepsiCo and a real mover and shaker, so there will most likely be many improvements on campus, such as the new meeting place by the river.
While here, check out lovely Jacksonville Beach, a half hour drive to the east. 
Also, check out Jacksonville Zoo, a tropical wonderland, 22 minutes north.

Photo Gallery

Rainbow on campus.

View of St John's River from Marine Science building.

The director of the Marine Science department.

Incredible view beside the river at the Marine Science building.

Lounge and large windows at the Marine Science building.

Hallway in the Marine Science building.

Terry Concert hall.

Outside Terry Concert Hall.

Entrance gate to the campus.

Entrance gate and flowers.

Incredible Spanish moss-draped oaks.

The lovely trees and plants on campus.

The terrain has some hilliness.

Old tree on campus. As you can see, the buildings are dull.

Trees galore.

Fountain on a rainy afternoon.


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Jacksonville University is located at 2800 University Blvd North, Jacksonville FL 32211, call (904) 256-7000.
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