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Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Rides

Miami, FL, USA


Everglades Holiday Park is a large touristy establishment. It is nonetheless in a pretty part of the everglades, with water lilies on the endless expanse of water, and trees along the shore. We had a guide who was friendly and great at spotting gators and birds! He also told us a lot of interesting facts. One gator came scarily close to the boat!
The part I didn't like about this airboat trip was actually the reason I'd chosen it. I wanted a covered airboat since it was the middle of summer and I didn't want us all to get sunburned. But because it was covered, there was no breeze shooting over it, which is the funnest part of airboat rides, and so it was very hot. If you want the thrill of going fast in the wind, find a different airboat ride.
Also, they did not give us protection for our ears, and this is really not ok. My ears were sore afterwards and I was very worried about the damage the loud noise might be doing to my kids' ears.There is an alligator wrestling show afterwards, but I didn't like it because large gators are fenced into a square piece of land with a dinky pool of water, when they could be free and happy roaming the Everglades. 
After your ride, have dinner at Bahama Breeze Restaurant at Sawgrass Mills Mall- the delicious Caribbean food and breezy balcony will make a wonderful end to the day!
For a more personal airboat ride (my favorite one), check out Coopertown Airboat Rides. Another good one is Boggy Creek Airboat Rides near Orlando.

Photo Gallery

The beautiful water lilies.

Birds on the tree-lined shore.

The Everglades are so open and expansive!

The covered airboat heading through the water lilies.

Bird on the water lilies.


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Everglades Holiday Park is located at 21940 Griffin Rd, Fort Lauderdale (inland near Sunrise) FL 33332, call (954) 434-8111.
Open daily 9-5.
Tours depart every 20 minutes and last for an hour.
Cost online is $31.50 for adults, $20.50 for kids aged 3-11.
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