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46th Street Beach and Playground, Miami

Miami, FL, USA


46th Street Beach, or Indian Beach, is a wonderful find! Here you can have a perfect swim in shallow, warm water and bouncy waves. All the beaches on this stretch of Miami Beach are so sheltered and lovely. They seem to have less currents and less creatures like jellies in the water than a lot of the Southeast Florida beaches! The sand is also very nice, just the right softness and pale beige color. Kids enjoy heaping the sand into big sand castles, and watching the huge cruise ships head out to sea. On weekends, there are small planes that drag ads behind them, delighting kids. There is a snack stand near the showers where you can get a good selection of drinks. This is where we found Honest Ade, a much less sweet drink that we love! A wonderful feature of this beach is the large, new space-age playground under a huge shade canopy. The play area is covered entirely in rubber turf- makes for a clean and lovely playground! Kids enjoy the challenge of the large structure, plus the slide and many swings. I wish there was a playground like this in our town!
From 46th Street Beach, a raised wooden pedestrian walkway runs south all the way to 21st Street Beach. Then the walkway changes to a cement boardwalk where you can rent bikes from the Deco Bike stations and ride all the way down to South Pointe Park. It's a blast! Around 7th Street Beach, the action really picks up with tons of tourists and a lively gay scene.

Photo Gallery

The space-age playground under a huge shade canopy.

Sea oats at the beach entrance.

Pretty day in September.

Kids playing in the water.

Parasailing over Miami Beach.

A girl walks along the shore.

A couple enjoys a late afternoon stroll at the shore.

Father and son build a sandcastle.

Foamy wave in the late afternoon light.

Beachgoers gather by the swings.

The slide at 46th Street Beach.

Crowded weekend day at the swings.

Beautiful Miami Beach!

Miami's beaches entice you to enter.

Incredible colors.

Interesting bird on the shore.

The boardwalk that is slightly back from the beach.

Boardwalk and kite.

Young woman checking out the water.


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Indian Beach or 46th Street Beach is located at 4601 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL 33140. There is a large parking lot. You pay at the machine with credit card or cash. On weekends come early, or wait a little for a parking spot.
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