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Crissy Field, Under Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, California, USA


The views are expansive and wonderful at Crissy Field, under the Golden Gate Bridge! The real reason many San Franciscans come here is that it's quite sheltered from the cold, cold wind and you can hang out for a while not feeling too chilled! Kids LOVE this area! There's just so much to do, with the many small knolls and the amphitheater to climb. You can grab a cup of coffee at the Warming Hut Cafe, a tiny corner in the National Park gift shop. Kids can also get a book or toy here. Lovers enjoy picnics on the grass while gazing out at the city skyline across the water.
Walk to the end of the wharf where the fishermen hang out, or along the pedestrian road all the way under the bridge to Fort Point, where you can climb to the second floor and enjoy views on all sides.
For a view from the other side of the bridge, check out Baker Beach. Or walk the bridge on a sunny day!

Photo Gallery

June afternoon at Crissy Field.

Picnic by the water.

Playing on the little hills is a blast!

Walking along with views of the Golden Gate Bridge!

San Francisco is a nice place to be a kid!

Quiet moment on a hill at Crissy Field.

Women chat on a bench by the water.

Hilltop adventures.

A couple relaxes while enjoying the view of the San Francisco skyline.

Fishermen on the pier and a ferry going by.

Cute building with gift shop and hot drinks, called Warming Hut Cafe.


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There are plenty of parking spaces along the road on Marine Dr. Come early on weekends to get one!
To find this place, you can search for Warming Hut Cafe on your GPS, or Fort Point National Park.
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