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Reptile Discovery Center, DeLand

Orlando, FL, USA


When you first walk in to the Reptile Discovery Center it looks pretty plain, but it is in fact an amazing place to visit! You must see it if you can! The most important thing is to time your visit so that you see one of the venom extraction demonstrations (see times below). The center actually provides snake venom to pharmaceutical companies to be used to make anti-venom. Twice a day you can watch as the director makes the snakes bite into the top of a cup. You see the fangs protrude and then watch as the venom runs down the side of the cup. It is exciting to watch the director handle the snakes, who move so quickly and unpredictably. What a rush! They come so close to him. He has been bit many times and it's fascinating to ask him about his experiences after the demonstration. Kids absolutely love to see the demonstration. What a unique opportunity!
The center itself is great to walk around. There are snakes from all over the world in clean tanks decorated as their native habitats. You can see a Green Mamba, Gaboon Viper, Puff Adder, and Cape Cobra. The snake charmer snake really looks like snakes in movies from India. You can also walk outside and see exhibits with alligators and beautiful creatures like a yellow Burmese Python, Green Iguana, and an Australian Water Dragon.
After your visit, have a meal at DeLand town, your best bet for good food in the area. While in the area, swim at Blue Spring State Park- a piece of paradise!

Photo Gallery

Beautiful Green Mamba.

Australian Water Dragon.


Rhinoceros Iguana.

The start of the snake presentation.

A boy holds a snake.

Kids watch from behind the glass as a snake is brought out.

Yikes! The snake lashes all around!


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The Reptile Discovery Center is located at 2710 Big John Dr, DeLand FL 32724, call (386) 740-9143.
Venom Extraction Demonstration (do not miss!) is Thurs-Sat 11:30 and 3, and Sun 11:30.
Center hours are Thurs-Sat 10-4:30, Sun 10-1. Closed Aug 20-Oct 20.
Admission is $11.50 for adults, $9.50 for seniors and children aged 4-17. Family annual pass is $75. Single annual pass is $30.
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