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Granite Dells, Prescott

Arizona, , USA


Sit atop the granite rocks and take in the weird and wacky wonderland of rounded granite pinnacles around you! It's hard to believe this place is real! It's more like a place you would see in a Dr. Suess book.
You can rent a kayak here at the park and paddle among the tall columns of granite. There are also rock climbing areas.
Don't miss out on this otherworldly place while you're in Arizona!
Note: It can be very, very hot here, even in spring. But it's well worth seeing!
The town of Prescott, nearby, is a good place to stop for a meal.


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From Prescott, take Highway 89 North, and turn right on Hillsdale Rd, to Watson Lake Park. There are two large parking lots. The Granite Dells are right there at the shoreline.
Watson Lake Park is located at 3101 Watson Lake Park Rd, Prescott, AZ 86301.
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