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Tom Petty Park, Gainesville

North Florida, FL, USA


Tom Petty Park, formerly Northeast Park, is a neighborhood park in Gainesville with plenty of shade. There are super tall trees everywhere! A merry-go-round takes you back to the days when you were little. There are swings, a big kid playground, and a toddler playground, all set out with tons of space in between to run. Two of the swings are of the old-fashioned variety- a plank you can sit on that doesn't squish you from both sides. What a pleasant place to spend some time!
We didn't get bit by mosquitoes even though we were there two times during the summer at sunset. Maybe Gainesville has less of a mosquito problem than South Florida?
From 16th Ave, drive especially along 6th Terrace to get to 13th Ave. What a wonderland of huge trees hung with moss!
How cool to be called Tom Petty Park! Tom Petty, the famous musician, was born in Gainesville and spent much time at this park. 
Another fantastic playground in Gainesville is Westside Park, which is loaded with way more equipment than Tom Petty Park and also has more kids playing.

Photo Gallery

Slide and rock-climbing sections.

Bouncies, monkey bars, tight-rope.

Merry-go-round with swings behind.

See-saw with bench swing behind.

Toddler playground and beautiful trees.

Kids hanging out at the monkey bars.

Sunset at Northeast Park- a perfect time to go.


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Tom Petty Park is located at approx 523 NE 13th Ave. There is parking along the road.
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