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Virginia Key Beach Park

Miami, FL, USA


Virginia Key Beach Park has a great boundless playground, carousel, and train rides, but it is not a good beach. Come here to BBQ while your kids run around enjoying the large playground. It has many features including a spiderweb climby, vertical square rope climby, stepping stones that get higher, bridges, ladders, reclining swing, and baby swings. My daughter was delighted with all the options and didn't even want to look at the beach!
There is an antique carousel with island music and a view of the ocean. It looks like it's closed but it's open so head over there. A mini-train makes a circle in the park.
The small beach is awful and shouldn't really be called a beach. It is just a mucky area of water near the causeway that connects Key Biscayne with Virginia Key. The sand at the shore and the water both look dirty, and near the carousel is a sign that says that swimming is prohibited because of currents. There were people swimming nonetheless. The sand seems clean for playing just back from the shore.
Jet skis make noise and air pollution, further adding to the yuckiness of the beach.
Bill Baggs Beach on Key Biscayne is a much nicer beach so head over there if you're looking for a delightful place to swim and kick back in the sand.

Photo Gallery

The large, colorful playground with tropical theme.

There is plenty to do on the boundless playground!

Interesting shapes to climb.

Spider climby and swings.

The sand at the entrance to the beach is clean.

Families swimming, with Key Biscayne in the distance.

Jet skis, kayak, and raft tipping over, by the causeway.

The shoreline is not very appealing.


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Virginia Key Beach Park is located at 4020 Virginia Beach Drive, Miami FL 33149. After you cross the causeway onto Virginia Key, turn left on Virginia Beach Drive and it leads into the park. There is a fee to cross the causeway, of around $1.75 cash.
Entrance to the beach park is $6 per car, $8 on weekends.
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