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Bike Ride, South Beach

Miami, FL, USA


It's really fun to bike ride along the boardwalk that runs between Ocean Drive and the beach. You can easily rent bikes with a credit card. There are bike stations called Deco Bike all along the boardwalk and you can return your bike at any of the stations when you're tired of riding! It costs $4 for half an hour, and the bikes are comfortable.
Zooming past all the interesting people on the boardwalk is a blast. It is a beautiful wide brick path. Head south all the way to South Pointe Park, where there is a station. It's best to only rent your bike for half an hour. Then you can return your bike at South Pointe Park and then rent it again once you're done walking along the pier and promenade. At this point you are very close to the beach and can see all the lovely colored lifeguard stands. 
Heading north, you can ride your bike as far as 24th Street, where the cement boardwalk changes to a raised pedestrian wooden walkway.

Photo Gallery

The wide brick path and Deco Bike station at South Pointe Park.

The boardwalk near 11th Street.

This is what the Deco Bike stations look like.

A colorful lifeguard shack we saw along the way, south of 1st St.

Looking north along the beach- another colorful lifeguard shack!

New England-style lifeguard shack, as seen from the boardwalk near South Pointe Park.

The bike path, near 16th Street.

View of the beach from the bike path near 16th Street.

Late afternoon on the bike path.

Brick path.

Flowers along the path.

Views of the ocean from the path.

Skateboarding on the path.

Bike riding along the path.


This is an interactive map, you can zoom and move it.

Deco Bike stations are all over South Beach, with many of them along the boardwalk that runs between Ocean Drive and the beach, starting at the very southern tip of the island (South Pointe Park) and running to 23rd Ave in the north.
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