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Arizona Science Center, Heritage Square, Phoenix

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Arizona Science Center, Heritage Square, Phoenix, Arizona


At the Heritage and Science Park, you can have a bit of both old and new! The only remaining residential houses from Phoenix's original old town are here in Historic Heritage Square. The buildings, including the Rosson House (pictured) date from the late 1880s. It's lovely to walk around the pedestrian-only square and take in the ambience of the Victorian architecture. Kids can feel what it is to walk amongst history.
And then it's back to the present: The Arizona Science Center is here too! Although the Science Center is in a somewhat gloomy building, it's one of the best science centers we've been to, with awesome hands-on displays. It's amazing what they've come up with here! Almost every exhibit is something that kids can manipulate themselves, from spinable bike tires that show the effects of gravitational force, to cameras you can dance in front of and watch a hundred versions of you on a color-drenched screen. It took hours before we'd run out of things to do and by then we were exhausted! In addition, there is an IMAX theater and a planetarium, for an extra cost.
I highly recommend a visit to the Arizona Science Center.
Nearby, check out the Phoenix Art Museum and the desert-colored highrises of Downtown Phoenix.



Arizona Science Center is located at 600 E. Washington St, Phoenix AZ 85004, call (602) 716-2000. The Heritage and Science Park parking garage is located on the southeast corner of 5th St and Monroe St. Walk through the plaza to 115 N. Sixth Street to see the Heritage Square houses. The Science Center is in the same plaza.
To visit the Science Center costs $18 for adults, and $13 for kids aged 3-17. Children under 3 are free. Open 10-5 daily. Closed on Dec 25.

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11/23/2010 09:12
Iâd like to see a little more places in PHX

11/12/2010 21:22
I went with my husband a few years was nice but not as great as others have said.

05/25/2010 14:10
One of the favorites from my trip. Thanks.

10/09/2009 19:56

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