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Crowley Pit, Arizona Snowbowl, Flagstaff

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Crowley Pit, Arizona Snowbowl, Flagstaff, Arizona


As far as ski resorts go, Arizona Snowbowl is pretty barebones, and the main ski area is nothing to speak of. Also, playing in the snow is not allowed anywhere in the snowbowl. But if you explore other areas around the snowbowl you will find some nice places to sled and play in the snow. One of the best is Crowley Pit, where there's a steep slope for sledding. Watch out for huge bumps though because it can be more "fun" than you bargained for! It can be a pain in the behind, literally!
Bring some food coloring and your kids can have fun making patterns in the large chunks of icy snow at Crowley Pit.
While you're in the area, do the gorgeous drive from Flagstaff down to Sedona through Oak Creek Canyon- you won't regret it!
For non-winter fun for kids, check out Thorpe Playground in Flagstaff. It has everything a kid could want!
After, head to Downtown Flagstaff for something nice to eat! Or if you like modern developments better, check out the restaurants at beautiful Aspen Place at the Sawmill.


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Playing with food coloring in the snow! What fun!
Playing with food coloring in the snow! What fun!
Making art in the snow.
Making art in the snow.


If you want to sled or build snowmen, don't bother making the trip to the snowbowl, but go to Crowley Pit instead: Once you reach Flagstaff, continue north on Milton Road for 3 miles. Milton Road will pass under railroad tracks and the road will curve to the right. Turn left at the first stop light (Humphreys Street), and then turn left again at the third stop light (Fort Valley Road). Drive 16.8 miles on Highway 180. Halfway along, you will pass Snowbowl Rd, the entrance to the Arizona Snowbowl, on your right, but that's ok- there's no use making the 7 mile journey up snowbowl road unless you plan to go skiing. Turn left at a parking sign (mile post 233) and you will find a large free parking area. The sledding area is right by the parking.
Buy a sled at any of the gas stations in Flagstaff.
Snow is expected from December to April, but check local forecasts before coming!

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