Arizona Map!

Arizona Map!
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Yesterday I had the most wonderful birthday! We went to Ventura to my friend Monica's house and had so much fun!
Today I spent the day doing the Arizona map! It was great fun reliving those days last year that we spent exploring our new environment of Arizona. It was a little spooky too going back to some of the weirder places! Most of all, I loved Sedona and Carefree. You have to check them out! The photos of Sedona are beautiful, but unfortunately I didn't have any of the boulders you see on the drive to Carefree. That's a shame- and a good excuse to go back sometime. 
Hope you like the Arizona page!
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2016 update: we did return and took photos as promised! On our road trip back from Florida to Santa Barbara, we stopped in Carefree and stayed the night at a beautiful Spanish-style casa. Because it was the middle of summer, the price was excellent for a whole house! I took photos of the boulders I love so much (photo above).


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