Route 401 rocket launch view, Port Canaveral

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Cocoa Beach
Route 401 rocket launch view, Port Canaveral
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It's fun to watch the Delta IV and Space X Falcon 9 rockets launch at Port Canaveral! You get a great view, and you see the rocket quite a while before it shows up on the live web broadcast! It's interesting how you hear the sound of the rocket so much later than you see it! The sound is impressive.

Route 401 is an easy place to go to watch the Space X Falcon 9 and Delta IV rockets, and the closest you can get to the SLC-37 and SLC-40 launch pads without paying. Park along the road and join the people on the thin strip of intracoastal beach. There is even some shade under the sea grape trees, though there are plenty of biting ants crawling around your feet. I got a nasty bite that was very painful.
For information and dates of rocket launches, check here.
Another place to watch the rocket launches is Playalinda Beach, though it is closed sometimes depending on whether they are using a launch pad that is close by. A safe bet is Cherie Down Beach. It's fun for kids to be able to play in the sand while you wait for the launch. 
Afterward, have a swim or stroll along the pier at Cocoa Beach.

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Horseshoe crab shells on the intracoastal beach.

I love the electric poles that stand in the water!

A man prepares to take a photo of the rocket launch.

Two men and a boy sit, waiting for the launch.


Route 401, across from Carnival Cruise Line, is where you need to be. Cars can park on the grass just steps from the intracoastal beach.


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Yves Dufour

Wed, 10 Jan 2018

Very good spot; I went there for Delta IV Heavy in 2014 and parking was authorised only at 3 AM for launch schedule at 6 AM. What is the parking regulation if launch is at 10 AM or 5 PM ?

For Falcon Heavy date expected in January but any clues of the timer of launch ( day or night ) ?
avy ?

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Wed, 10 Jan 2018

Falcon Heavy will launch from 39A, expected end of this month with static fire tomorrow on 1/11/18. As far as I know no time for launch set yet.

Launch viewing of 39A is best from Playalinda if open. However with 2 cores landing further south back at the cape you have a choice to make. Watch the launch from the beach or go to Jetty Park to watch the tandem landings, this is bound to be impressive as well. Anyway this site has good info on viewing locations:

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