Harbor Seal View Point, Moss Landing

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Monterey, CA
Harbor Seal View Point, Moss Landing
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Moss Landing is a cold, foggy place where harbor seals and sea otters take refuge in the warm waters by the Moss Landing Power Plant. The dunes are covered in a Dr. Suess-like plant, and the sailboats look cute in the harbor. When the harbor seals aren't here, there's not much to see except a grey landscape. Though you will see dozens of happy birds! It's worth it to stop for five minutes along your journey to see what is there. Whale sightings are possible too if you continue to the end of the road. There is a jetty and the sea.
If you're hungry, there is a restaurant called Sea Harvest Moss Landing.

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The smoke stacks and birds.

Harbor seal in the water.

The funny plants and sailboats.

Plants, and monterey cypress trees across the estuary.

Plants and dunes.


Harbor Seal View Point is located on the lagoon side of Moss Landing State Beach. Exit Highway 1 at the sign for Moss Landing State Beach.


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