Pensacola Mess Hall (Science Center)

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North Florida
Pensacola Mess Hall (Science Center)
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School-aged kids love Pensacola Mess Hall, a small hands-on science center. In the large, modern room, kids can choose from all manner of science-related activities. My daughter didn't want to leave! There are keva planks for building structures, clips and shapes from making large hanging contructions, sand and water to form into a river, balls to balance on a stream of air, parachutes to make and test out in an air tube, a bike to ride to power light bulbs, and more! Kids can also choose a kit from the back which provides instructions and ingredients for a small project. This is science at its best and a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday. 

After spending the heat of the day at the mess hall, head to Pensacola Beach to play in the sand at sunset!
If you like science or history, you'll love the National Naval Aviation Museum!

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Keva plank tower.

A father and son explore weight with a scale.

A hanging construction made from clips and shapes!

There are plenty of tables where you can work on your chosen mess kit.

The harmonograph- you push the box and the pen makes a cool design!

Father and daughter make a river and dunes with the water and sand.

A family makes a marble run.


Pensacola Mess Hall is located at 116 N. Tarragon St, Pensacola FL 32502, call 1(877) 937-6377. You can't see them from the street but they are behind Caldwell Associates.
During summer (June-Aug), open Tues-Sat 10-5, Sn 1-5. During Spring Break, open M-S 10-5, closed Sun. Sept-May open Tues-Fri 1-5, Sat 10-5, Closed Sun and Mon.
Admission is $10 per person aged 3 and up. Annual family membership for four persons costs $110 and includes other science centers around the US.
The museum is accessible via a ramp with a doorbell at the top.


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