Boat Ride on the Seine

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Paris, France
Boat Ride on the Seine
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The Seine is the heart of Paris, the glorious blue-green river with bridge after golden bridge, all works of art. It's lovely to start your stay in Paris with a boat ride on the Seine, learning about each sight, such as Notre Dame Cathedral and The Louvre, along the way. Choose your boat carefully. While Vedettes du Pont-Neuf starts in an amazing location at Pont Neuf, the boat itself is packed with people and you can't hear the mumbling guide. There are other boats to choose from, such as Bateaux Mouches, double decker open-air boats with plenty of room to stand at the rails and get great views of the architecture above you. Bateaux Mouches cruises leave from the Pont de l'Alma, a pretty convenient location.
Cruises last for about an hour.

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Each bridge you cruise under is more lovely than the next!

View of the Grand Palais and Pont de l'Alma.

The Louvre- what gorgeous architecture!

Lovely architecture lines the Seine.

It's inspiring to see all the Parisiens sitting beside the Seine.

Friends sit together along the Seine.

Shady spot along the Seine.

Another lovely spot to sit along the Seine.

It's a delight to look up at the architecture.

People sit on the stairs by the Seine on a sunny May day.

Notre Dame comes into view.

Notre Dame!

The famous rose window of Notre Dame.

The Conciergerie, where Marie Antoinette was held prisoner during the French Revolution.

Great view of the Eiffel Tower from the Vedettes du Pont-Neuf.

Cruising under Pont Neuf, a bridge of golden stone.

Heading toward the Eiffel Tower.

Boat passengers check out all the people relaxing on the banks of the Seine.

A boat making its way up the Seine river near the Eiffel Tower, as seen from the Eiffel Tower first level.


Bateaux Mouches boat rides leave from Pont de l’Alma, 75008 Paris, France. Open daily 10am-11pm. Cost is 13.5 euros for adults, 6 euros for kids under 12 years old, and free for kids under 4 years old.


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